Hanako Ellis, Clarinet

Hanako first studied piano from the age of three, and began clarinet at the age of fourteen. She graduated from Doshisha Women's University with a degree in clarinet performance, receiving both the Buffet Crampon Fighting Spirit Award, and the Masako Ishimura Award. In 2003, she performed in the Kansai New Musicians' Concert.

In 2006, she performed in "A Chamber Music Concert with Tomorrow's Young Musicians" in Karuizawa. She first performed the commissioned piece "Kazemoyo" at the Ellis Chamber Music Concert in 2007. Hanako was selected in the Oikawa Music Company's 16th New Musician Audition, winning the Best New Performer award. She studied under Yoshiki Terazawa, Masatomi Kaigawa, Nobuyuki Kanai, and Chiaki Mangyo.

As a freelance musician, Hanako has performed in the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, as well as several music videos.

She is teaching clarinet at Highlands Christian Schools.

Hanako moved to the San Francisco bay area in November 2013, and is actively pursuing performance opportunities.

Performance snippets:
Saint-Saëns, Tarantella Op. 6, performed in Tokyo, Japan

Max Bruch, 8 pieces (2nd movement), performed in Tokyo, Japan

And a bit more fun with Les Champs-Élysées:

Neko no chanson, recorded in Japan

エリス 華子 クラリネット

3歳からピアノ、14歳からクラリネットを学ぶ。同志社女子大学演奏学科を卒業。在学中、欧日音楽講座にてビュッフェクランポン敢闘賞、学部長推薦により『石村雅子賞』受賞、関西新人演奏会に出演。2005年〜2006年冬ボス トンに滞在し、Berklee College of Music の Sing Sing Sing コンサートに出演をきっかけに、ジャズに興味を抱く。2006年、軽井沢にて『明日を担う若い音楽家達による室内楽コンサート』に出演。
及川音楽事務所第16回新人オーディション合格、最優秀新人賞受賞。flumusレディースオーケストラに所属。これまでにクラリネットを(故)寺沢嘉記、海川雅 富、金井信之、万行千秋、各氏、女史に師事。現在首都圏とアメリカをベースに室内楽、エリス室内楽、オーケストラ、イベント演奏、レコーディングなどで演奏活動中。Highlands Christian Schools でクラリネットの講師。